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the good news? I can help with ALL of that.

You're damn good at what you do. The type of person who gives your business your all, and you’re not short on big ideas—you’re short on the know-how for bringing those ideas out of your head and into the world.  

Anddd, while you know it’s important to have a website and brand, you’re not feeling fully confident in how you're showing up online.

Let me tell you a little something I know about you


Before we dive into everything you're              to know about my background....

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When we work together, you’re not just hiring a designer who is ridiculously good at what they do, has a background in marketing, and an eye for design—you’re gaining a fan, a supporter, and someone who’s just as emotionally invested in your business as you are. 

I’m here to help you start thinking strategically about the business you’re building, create a safe space to share what you want your brand to grow up to be and remind you of the impact you make in your client’s lives so you feel confident about the value you bring to the table and the way your business presents itself. 

And even after our project has finished, I’ll be there to celebrate every new inquiry, income goal, and business birthday you’ll hit as you continue to grow. 

Because while your business is YOUR baby... it's about to become my baby too.

And while I’m technically a brand and website designer, I’m also your business’s soon-to-be godmother…

Hey Friend, I'm Sierra!

Welcome to the Family

Fun fact, I went to one of the top five marketing programs in the country so I know my ish. 

In other words? It was something I could never get bored of. 

And digital marketing was the perfect combination of creativity, human and consumer psychology, and business strategy that I'd been craving.  

Well, technically, I studied architecture… 
And then graphic design…
And then photography…
And then, I finallllly landed on digital marketing.

Before I became a Brand and Website Designer—I studied digital marketing…

it took me a few tries to figure out what I wanted to do with my life

So after 3 years of working in agencies, I quit to start my own thing. And it has literally been the best decision I ever could have made for myself. 

You know, that itch to set your own schedule, say “yes” only to clients that make you giddy , and have the ability to take time off to travel whenever the desire strikes.

And that itch can only be scratched by quitting your job, going all in on your business, and becoming your own boss. 

 I still had—and have always had—the entrepreneurial itch.

While I loved getting to learn and work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, in just about every industry, there was one big problem...

During that time, I also became the director of branding, and my agency quickly climbed to being one of the top 2 branding agencies in the state. 

(and yeah, that's me tooting my horn just a little)

Because when I'm in... I'm ALL in.

While I was finishing up college, I started working at a creative agency doing digital marketing and designing websites. 

And as a website designer, I learned firsthand not only how many businesses don’t have their branding figured out, but also how crucial branding is to the success of marketing your business.

So, I began taking courses and absorbing anything and everything I could find about building brand identities.

Where it all began

you get me, I want to work with you.

Because everyone should be able to make a living doing something they’re truly passionate about.

To support you in creating a life you love and a brand you're proud as hell to call your own by gifting you with the strategy and creativity that will help your business earn the success it damn well deserves. 

My Main Mission?

While you’ll always get VIP treatment from me, that doesn’t mean we have to keep things painfully professional. If you’ve got kids sitting on your lap or your dog decides to go wild barking at the mailman while we’re on a call, that’s totally okay. Around here, it’s all about laidback luxury. 

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I’m extremely sentimental. A coach patting his 8-year-old soccer player on the head, telling him he did a good job? CRYING. A video of a baby whale recruiting the help of humans to untangle his mom? A sobbing mess. You and me on a call when you share about why you started your business? I’m absolutely crying. 

tearing up

If You See Me                         It's Because...

Night owl (that also needs 9+ hours of sleep), travel freak (my current goal is to visit at least 2 new countries every year!) serial hobbyist, and someone who always buys new, exotic plants… that my boyfriend ends up taking care of. 


My                          Titles Include:

And while I want to go everywhere and do everything, I’m currently living and loving Utah, which will always be my “home.” I just can’t get enough of the mountains, the southern red rock, the outdoor activities, and the openness that Utah has to offer. 


When I'm not                      I'm planning my next trip.

Personality tests. I’m an Aries, an enneagram 3/7 (depending on the day), and my top strength is “individualization” so I’m fascinated with finding out what makes someone unique. Alsoooo, I’m an ENFP—the campaigner—so it’s literally my personality to support people in hitting their goals. 


I Totally               🤓 Out About...

And if you want to know a little more....

When I'm not traveling...
I'm planning my next trip.

If You See Me Tearing Up 
It's Because...

I Totally NERD 🤓 Out About...

My Unofficial Titles Include:

Casual >>  Corporate

a few of my life mottos

If you’re going to do something, do it well and make it look good. 

If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.

I’d rather live a life of ‘oh well,’ not ‘what if.’

And, if you’re going to be stupid, at least be smart about it.

(Like, if you’re sneaking into an abandoned factory, you better have a good cover story in case you get caught.)

let's do the damn thing

✓ And will absolutely become as emotionally invested in your business as you are…

✓ Deliver beautiful brand and website design that will have you—and people you can’t wait to work with—obsessed with your business

✓ Listen to your big ideas and refine them based on strategy

✓ Help you start thinking strategically about the brand you’re trying to build

If you’re looking for a brand and website designer who will…

The Point is